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The Importance of Being Involved In a Wedding Planification

We can see this from two perspectives that will eventually blend in a huge enhancer for your wedding photography business. The first one is at a micro level, and has its scope in your level of participation as a photographer in the overall of the wedding from start to finish. This includes from engagement sessions to the aftermath of the wedding (trash the dress and others). The second level, and this is where sustainability happens at its best, is your level of interaction with the entire network behind a wedding.

Talking about your interaction with the couple at a micro level, the best advice I can give to you wedding photographers, is that you keep scheduled meetings prior the wedding, and dig deeper into the planning. Don’t limit yourselves to just shooting, show them that you are really interested in their event. By getting to know more details about the happenings of the wedding unraveling, you will be more agile and you’ll reduce the possibility of encountering with awful surprises through the event.

When the real day comes, try to keep a mental schedule of all the things that will happen in the wedding. Also important, don’t work alone, please, work with a committed and passionate team in order to capture every beautiful moment of the wedding.

This is a problem for some photographers that tend to work by themselves, like great loners. And they might be great, no doubt about it, but weddings are so massive events, that doubling or tripling the eyes, you’ll have a better coverage of the whole wedding. Nobody wants their grandma left out of the frame when paying for a wedding photography service, and it happens, believe me.

Talking about the market, many clients will have vague ideas of what they want, and it's important to have those ideas decently defined. The best way for landing into concrete expectations is by following these simple steps:

  • Show them your portfolio and ask for their own opinion
  • Seek references together for staged photography
  • Ask them to show you their closets guests (via social media or their own pictures)

Talking about the macro level of getting close to planification, weddings require a really complex network of industries, and the wedding planner is the trickster behind that juggle. Wedding planners have like their small army of suppliers of almost everything in the world in order to make a wedding, The Wedding. Keep a strong and honest relationship with the wedding planners you work with. Seek to establish solid joint ventures that will keep weddings coming and coming, and they will definitely boost your exposure in no time.

By engaging at a seamless and professional level with the wedding planners, you’ll also eventually stumble into a larger network of similar industries like ours, some examples of these products as services are:

  • Hotel property
  • Decorators
  • Stylists
  • Caters
  • Car Services
  • Etc.

They all want to showcase their services as well, and you’ll be highly considered as their commercial photographers, which may come pretty handy for rainy days, or in the seasons weddings are slow. Getting noticed is all about that solid network at your hands, so remember, getting committedly involved in a wedding planifications, will give you more market opportunities for the future. Have you ever wondered having such a broad scope? Well, it can happen if you keep an eye at wedding planning at the micro and the macro state. Think with sustainability in mind, and your business will grow nice and healthy. Share the good fortune as well, include talented photographers into your team, and make their presence raise your own quality bar one step higher.


Federico Alegría



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